Judging a book by its cover letter

Whether you’re just beginning your career in PR and marketing, or you’re a seasoned pro with years of experience, there’s nothing more daunting than writing the perfect cover letter for your dream job. A million thoughts flood through your head: “I’m normally funny and this isn’t funny”; [...]

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America, we’ve hit peak pumpkin spice

F&B brands: Step away from the gourds... and reach for the syrup. For some, fall begins the day after Labor Day, when patio furniture and white shoes are ostensibly packed away for the year. Others point to the almanac, which proclaimed September 22 as the official first [...]

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Why your PR impressions report might be B.S.

Impressions: the ubiquitous metric for PR success. The greater the number of impressions, the better your PR agency is doing… right? We recently saw a PR agency touting its 2.34 billion impressions secured for a local Atlanta brand. Chances of that being accurate? One in 2.34 billion. [...]

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Doctor’s Orders

Doctor's Orders: Take One Risk before Bed Each Day At Fire Bee, we are all about recommending and implementing marketing ideas based on a making-deep-connections philosophy.  That philosophy suggests a product or service should be experienced in order to best spread the word. Practically speaking, in order [...]

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