Last-Minute Atlanta-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Fire Bee loves Halloween, and why not? We’re Atlantans, and this city takes the spookiest time of the year seriously. October was a busy month for us, so we understand if you haven’t had time to pick out a costume. Don’t worry—Heather is here with some suggestions for local-inspired threads.

A Varsity employee—Volunteer to get all the drinks for the night and shriek “WHAT’LL YA’ HAVE” at your friends before they have a chance to order. (I mean, the hats are free.)

Native sons Donald Glover and Migos—Donald Glover with the Golden Globe or it’s no deal.

An Atlanta Falcon—You can commit to this costume as much as you’d like (jersey, helmet, whatever) but you have to inexplicably leave any party you attend three quarters of the night through.

Any Real Housewife—
Mascara tear tracks completely required.

Any Atlanta rapper—You have a wide variety to choose from.

The Trap House—Dress in millennial pink and write “TRAP” on your forehead with a black marker.

The Beltline in April—A group costume for every person you know. Collide into each other all night long while eating King of Pops popsicles.

A single chicken wing on the sidewalk—Must tape a sheet of white poster board to your back to demonstrate setting and write #wingsofatl on it. Bonus points if you can find a way to incorporate J.R. Crickets branding.

The Ghost of the Murder Kroger—Wear a sheet and carry the sign.

A road closure for filming—Wear a lanyard and stand in between thirsty partygoers and the bar and tell them they can’t go there. They’ll have to wait forty-five minutes or take a detour around the bar, just so they can feel like they’re moving.

The collapsed I-85 bridge—Just cover yourself with foam rubble and irritate everyone in your vicinity.

Walking Dead zombie—Sure, it’s been done, but think of how many likes you’ll get from your out-of-town Insta-friends.

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