Speaking your client’s language: How to adopt a brand voice

Working in an agency setting has its major perks – the day-to-day life is never boring, client work is always evolving, and you get to work on a variety of different brands across many industries. While having a broad range of clients keeps things exciting, knowing how to switch between brand voices can often get tricky.

It’s important for all messaging coming from your brand to be uniform, so that everything you say sounds as if it’s coming from one recognizable voice. Whether your brand’s voice is professional, family-friendly, or downright snarky, here are three tips to speaking that language:

Develop messaging. Before creating content for your brand’s social pages or blogs, it’s helpful to sit down with clients and understand what they think is their “brand voice.” Once they’ve let you know they want to be snarky like the folks behind the Wendy’s Twitter battles or sweet and approachable, you can begin to create corresponding messaging documents to use throughout your campaign.

Know their audiences. Understanding the demographics your brand wishes to reach is just as important as understanding their products or services. By having an appreciation of who they want to reach, messaging and brand voice will be stronger. If your brand wants to reach millennials (we know, everyone’s favorite word *eyeroll*), you know you can use trendy words and phrases (warning, irritating slang ahead) like “millennial pink” and “it’s lit.” If your brand is trying to reach baby boomers, the voice will have to be updated accordingly.

Research. Ask your clients to share names of brands that are similar and that they admire. By knowing who they respect, or wish to compete with, your team can research how successfully (or unsuccessfully) they’re expressing their voice. After doing research on similar brands, your team can pull together highlights from the competition, and then create strategic messaging that differentiates your client from the crowd.

Ultimately, knowing your client’s brand voice is the key to successful and consistent messaging. If you’re stuck, drop us a line. Fire Bee works with a variety of clients across a wide range of industries, which has helped us adopt brand voices that speak to parents, business professionals, and even millennials, and can help you speak your client’s language, too.


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